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PC66 SDRAM DIMM: 168 pin, 3.3 Volt


We guarantee our SDRAM memory modules to work with all motherboards, PCs, and servers that support SDRAM technology.


If you choose to return the memory for any reason within 30 days, we will refund your credit card in full no questions asked.

Memory Size



Memory Description


64 MB

$ 6.00

PC66 SDRAM DIMM 168 Pin, 8 x 64, Unbuffered, Non-ECC, 3.3 Volt

In stock for same day shipping

128 MB

$ 8.00

PC66 SDRAM DIMM 168 Pin, 16 x 64, Unbuffered, Non-ECC, 3.3 Volt, Low Density Memory Upgrade

In stock for same day shipping

256 MB


PC66 SDRAM DIMM 168 Pin, 32 x 64, Unbuffered, Non-ECC, 3.3 Volt, Low Density Memory Upgrade

In stock for same day shipping

It is our mission to assure that the memory you ordered is compatible with your system. We only sell the models that are guaranteed to work on your computer.  Anything less - or less expensive - is a compatibility risk, and we'll tell you so.

FAQ before making the final selection:

Q: How much memory should I have?
A: It's safe to say you will see a performance improvement by having at least a total of 256MB SDRAM. For running today's computer software and operating systems, it's recommended to equip your computer with at least 512MB of RAM.

Q: Can I mix memory modules of different speeds, such as PC66 and PC100 sdram dimm memory?
A: Yes, in all these cases. Sometimes it's cheaper to get the higher speed memory even if your computer does not support it, such as purchasing PC100 memory for a computer with a Front Side Bus speed of 66MHz (PC66 memory). The memory just won't run at the higher speed.

Q: Why are there SDRAM price differences among memory modules that appear to have the exact same specifications and what are the differences between 256MB SDRAM high density and 256MB SDRAM low density memory chip?
256MB high density memory modules are less expensive and have only chips on one side of the card (single sided 8 chips memory). However a great many older systems in use today often cannot support the newer, higher density memory. Older memory controllers require a memory module with twice as many chips because the chips used on that have a twice-lower density. 64MB and 128MB modules can be single sided however when it comes to 256MB module – the density becomes too high for the motherboard to support a single sided module.


When you use the award-winning Allmemoryupgrades.com Memory Selector, we guarantee that the memory you purchase is 100% compatible with your system. The Memory Selector will only return those parts that we guarantee will work.
Anything less - or less expensive - is a compatibility risk, and we'll tell you so. Please follow this link to select your memory upgrade - Memory Selector:


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