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PC1066 Rambus RDRAM RIMM KITS: 184 pin, 2.5 Volt, 533MHz FSB

PC1066 memory is also backward compatible to work with PC800 systems.

All our PC1066 RDRAM modules are 32ns (-32) .

We guarantee our Samsung RDRAM memory modules to work with all motherboards, PCs, and servers that support RDRAM technology.


If you choose to return the memory for any reason within 30 days, we will refund your credit card in full no questions asked.


PC1066 Rambus RDRAM RIMM Kits (Two Modules) 184 pin

Memory Size



Memory Description


256 MB


$ 109.00

SAMSUNG PC1066 RDRAM RIMM KIT (TWO 128MB NON-ECC MODULES) 184 Pin, 16 Bit, 32ns, 2.5 Volt

Not in stock

512 MB


$ 235.00

SAMSUNG PC1066 RDRAM RIMM KIT (TWO 256MB NON-ECC MODULES) 184 Pin, 16 Bit, 32ns, 2.5 Volt

In stock for same day shipping

512 MB


$ 275.00

SAMSUNG PC1066 RDRAM RIMM KIT (TWO 256MB ECC MODULES) 184 Pin, 32ns, 2.5 Volt, ECC

Not in stock

1024 MB


$ 485.00

SAMSUNG PC1066 RDRAM RIMM KIT (TWO 512MB NON-ECC MODULES) 184 Pin, 16 Bit, 32ns, 2.5 Volt

In stock for same day shipping

1024 MB


$ 520.00

SAMSUNG PC1066 RDRAM RIMM KIT (TWO 512MB ECC MODULES) 184 Pin, 32ns, 2.5 Volt, ECC

In stock for same day shipping

0 MB

$ 5.00

CRIMM (Continuity RIMM) 184 Pin, Gold Leads

In stock for same day shipping

Compatible with Dell Dimension 8100, 8200, 8250, XPS B; Precision Workstation 220, 330, 340, 350, 530; Optiplex GX200, 300, 400 and all Pentium motherboards which utilize Rambus RDRAM. ~ Rambus RDRAM PC800 Guaranteed Compatibility Part Numbers List ~

FAQ before making the final selection:


Q: How much memory should I have?
A: For running today's computer software and operating systems, it's recommended to equip your computer with at least 512MB. And if you plan on editing home videos, photo manipulation, downloading and manipulating audio files we recommend that you consider as much as 1024MB (1GB) of RAM.

What you decide to do is entirely up to you, however whatever that might be, the result will be reflected in the time it takes to perform your task. Remember, the easier and less frustrating it is to do, the more successful you will be.


Q: Do I need ECC or Non-ECC type memory?
A: Nowadays a very few people order RDRAM ECC type memory. As you may know you can mix ECC and Non-ECC RIMMs into your system if you keep them in separate pairs. ECC memory is more expensive and ECC "self checking" capabilities are not needed for personal computers. This is the feature that is mainly used by servers and in fact slows down your entire system. Even if you currently have ECC type memory installed in your system you are better off adding a Non-ECC type memory. The ECC function on your existing modules will be automatically disabled.

Q: Can I add a new memory to my existing memory and how do I know if the new memory is compatible with my existing memory?
A: You can add the new memory to your existing memory if you have extra sots available - i.e. if you have two modules of 128MB each currently installed in your system and two extra slots available filled with C-Rimms - you can add 2x256MB or 2x512MB (depending on your system specification) replacing the C-Rimms in two extra slots. Our PC1066 RAMBUS RDRAM 184-Pin Rimm memory is fully compatible with all Pentium motherboards that utilize Rambus modules and can be installed in addition to your existing memory. You can mix RIMM modules from different manufacturers (or different part numbers) in to your system. Just make sure to install RDRAM modules in matching pairs.

Q: Can I mix memory modules of different sizes and speeds? And do I need to install RAMBUS RDRAM RIMM memory in matching pairs?
A: You can mix memory modules of different sizes and speeds however memory modules must be installed in matched pairs - i.e. the modules in the 1st and 2nd slots must be the same, and the modules in the 3rd and 4th slots must be the same. "The same" means the same size and speed. Let's say you would like to upgrade your computer by 512MB -then you need to install two modules of 256MB each.

From our experience it does happen from time to time when in order for your motherboard to support the new memory it requires a latest BIOS update. In this case you may want to try updating your BIOS  - please contact your computer manufacturer�s web site for latest updates and strictly follow their instructions should you decide to flash your BIOS and Always back up your data.

Now you are ready to order. Click on �Order� button and we will make sure to ship your order out immediately as we have a large inventory available. We are honored to be a part of your "life changing upgrading experience". And we will be happy to assist you every step of the way!

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