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Helpful Information for First Time Customers

The most important thing to ensure when buying memory is compatibility with your system.

Not sure how to find the right memory for your system? Let us show you how to get upgrades guaranteed 100% compatible with your system or your money back.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to identify the right memory modules and expansion options for your computer is to use a memory selector.

We make upgrading easy. We've compiled all the information you need into one easy-to-use, searchable database - The Memory Selector.

If I know what type of memory my computer uses, why can't I just use the Search section?
The Memory Selector is always the best way to shop for memory upgrades. Our Memory Selector is an active, growing database that is constantly refined. We have a dedicated team of professionals that focus solely on ensuring your upgrade options are accurate and up-to-date.

In fact, our Memory Selector contains details about your machine that likely don't appear in your owner's manual. For example, maybe a specific 256MB module works in a Dell system if it's made with one series of chips, but if made with a different series, the module won't work in that system at all. Our Memory Selector manages this information for you. We know exactly what memory you need. Just select your system make and model in our online Memory Selector, and we'll give you a list of memory upgrades that are guaranteed 100% compatible with your system or your money back.

What's your system make and model?

You're ready to upgrade your memory, but just one thing stands in the way - you need to know the exact make and model of your system. Don't worry. This information is really quite easy to find, and once you have it, our online Memory Selector does the rest of the work for you.

The general rule of thumb in finding your make and model is to look on the system or device cover.

Look for the complete model number of your system as listed on your manual or invoice.

Most of the computers will have this information listed on the outside of the box .


  • Dell Dimension 8250 2.8G
  • Apple Power Mac G4 Cube 500

If you can not find computer make and model on the outside of your computer, turn it on and look for this information on the screen as they boot up.

You can also call your system manufacturer with your serial number that can be found  on the serial plate on the outside of your computer to obtain the required  information.

If you have a custom built PC or simply can not find your computer make and model, download the Belarc Advisor. This is a free download that tells you what hardware and software are installed on your computer system.

If your computer is not listed in the Memory Configurator, you will need to find the manufacturer and model number of your motherboard. If you do not have your owner's manual or sale receipt, open your system case and look at your motherboard that should have a label with the manufacturer name and model.

Once you find your system make and model, use our Memory Selector to find the memory upgrades that are 100% compatible with your system.

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